Whether your project is modest and requires only the efficient work of a qualified handyman, or is more complicated and needs a more thorough solution, Compass is the provider of choice for conscientious home owners.

We consider Home Repairs to be the fixing of any of the existing features of your home that have broken or otherwise stopped functioning as originally intended. In some cases the failure is simply a matter of time, with parts or components wearing out from prolonged use. Examples of this may be ________, _________ or even a __________.

Conversely, the problem could arise in newer situations caused by faulty workmanship or a defective part and/or component. We see this often in new homes or subdivisions which may have been hastily completed, such as after the recent and tumultuous economic decline.

In either case, the repair process is often begun by first referencing the original manufacturer’s specifications for the affected issue, using developer blueprints or parts manuals. Such information can sometimes also be accessed through the internet, and Compass has the professional resources to help us in these instances.

On the other hand, some repairs can be more complicated than would be assumed. If we expect there might be an underlying problem which could effect the outcome of the repair effort, we advise our customers of this as soon as the potential is ascertained. This helps the homeowner make the most prudent decision in managing his or her decisions. We can also provide inspections and offer recommendations that may be useful in situations where the original contractor should be contacted, such as in a home warranty situation.

All this said, Compass respects the importance of quality home repairs, routine or not, and provides trustworthy solutions to homeowners throughout Boise and the greater Treasure Valley. Call us when your next home repair challenge needs that professional touch!