Roses are red, violets are blue…
But a garden without water will never do.

How does your garden grow?

You simply can’t grow a garden without the right amount of water at just the right times. Knowing that water always flows down hill is simply not enough.

There are three important steps to implementing a successful lawn and garden sprinkler system:

  1. Zoning (designing and dividing your lawn and garden areas into strategic sections)
  2. Plumbing (properly installing and connecting the plumbing of your water distribution system)
  3. Timer integration (programming and activating your sprinkler timing system)

Effective sprinkler systems can be retrofitted, but ideally all three steps of the system should be designed from the onset. All three steps work in tandem to sustain your garden, and each needs to be thought through in then design stage to ensure a reliable green, red or blue outcome, with minimal maintenance and frustration.

Today’s digital timing systems can be complicated (think programming a VCR). Compass can help you by calculating the best settings for your particular lawn and garden, including important seasonal variations.

A smart investment in your home landscaping reflect in value of your property. Let Compass fret over the details of your lawn and garden sprinkler system. We recommend starting your lawn and garden sprinkler at least 2-4 weeks before spring planting, allowing sufficient time for design, plumbing and timer integration.

Call Compass to discuss installing or updating your lawn and garden sprinkler system, or to schedule an appointment for Doug to visit your home and provide a quotation!