Compass also provides its services to management and real estate companies, developers, contractors and other commercial organizations seeking a comprehensive solution to its property maintenance needs. Our unique breadth of skills makes us an exceptional source with an emphasis on quality work and reliable performance.

Maintenance and Repairs

We offer contract support which ensures priority scheduling and discount pricing. All agreements are custom created. Contact us today for a meeting to discuss your needs and build a maintenance proposal right for your company.

EPA Certified Lead-Safe Renovation Services

For structures built before 1978, Compass can provide maintenance and repair solutions which are guaranteed to meet the scrutiny of the new EPA standards enacted in 2009.

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with New Federal Lead-Based Paint Requirements

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Watch Property Manager FAQ Videos:

1. What does the new rule say?

2. What is the reason for the new rule?

3. Who does the new rule cover?

4. How does the rule affect Property Managers?

5. What housing is “targeted” by the new rule?

6. When does the new rule apply?

7. What “triggers” the rule?

8. What is meant by “disturbing the paint?”

9. What are the disclosure requirements?

10. What should Property Managers do to prepare?

11. Is there a way to avoid this rule?

13. What is thee “white glove” test?

14. What about painting over intact paint?

15. What if the tenant does the work themselves?

16. What about the “Renovate Right” booklet?

17. What constitutes a lead inspection?

Property Management Services

If you are a property owner looking for a convenient and straightforward solution to managing your property, be it a single vacation home, an office building or a collection of rental units, we can help.